2018 25th Anniversary Float 

of the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

What do I do after I arrive?

You can expect everything from warm days to very cold nights to rain so please come prepared. Shoes must be closed toed and sturdy and should be waterproof! Old clothes are recommended since the glues used to affix flowers DO NOT WASH OUT! A baseball type of hat is recommended to protect your hair when working under scaffolding.

What Should I Wear?

What Should I Bring?

What Should I Expect for Fresh Decoration?

All decoration materials will be provided, however, EVERY DECORATOR MUST BRING A PAIR OF SCISSORS (tied on a long string or yarn that can be worn around your neck). Some items that volunteers find helpful to bring are plastic gloves, rags and dish soap. Cameras are allowed however, Fiesta Parade Floats is not responsible for loss or breakage.

Please keep your jewelry and other valuables at home. We suggest you wear a fanny pack on your waist to keep your personal items as there is no place to store or lock up your belongings.

Prior to December 26 you are welcome to bring a folding chair. After December 26 chairs ARE NOT permitted inside of the building where the City of Riverside float will be decorated.

Free parking and shuttle service is located at the parking lot in the map below.

The Metro Gold Line Irwindale station is directly across the street from Fiesta Parade Floats. Check their schedule for times.

On-site parking, street parking and parking in the neighboring business lots is not available. Cars will be towed.

Will There Be Food Services?

What Should I Expect for Dry Decoration?

Prior to December 26 there are no food services available on site. Please bring your snacks, meals, beverages or bottled water. After December 26 El Matador Restaurant booth will be located in the parking lot from approximately 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Meals, snacks and hot & cold beverages will be available for purchase. You are welcome to bring food and beverages but they need to be left in your vehicle as there is no space on or near the float to store ice chests. Fast food restaurants are NOT conveniently located.

Get Social!

Can I Bring Kids?

How Do I Get There?

During Dry Decoration before December 26, volunteers must be at least 10 years of age with adequate adult supervision for each minor volunteer. During Fresh Decoration between December 26 and December 31 we cannot have anyone under the age of 12 in the work areas from December 26 through December 31. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all minor children.

How Long Are My Shifts?

Come at least half an hour early to collect your pass from the City of Riverside. Once you have the pass go to the City of Riverside float inside the decorating area and meet the Float Supervisor. The supervisor will assign you a job. Don’t change jobs and it you need a break let the supervisor know. The Float Supervisor is in charge and will handle any questions or concerns that you may have.

During Dry Decoration, before December 26, volunteers must have a minimum 4-hour shift. During Fresh Decoration from December 26 – December 31, volunteers must have a minimum 8-hour shift.

Many hours of preparation of the decoration materials we will use on the City of Riverside float is necessary prior to actually applying onto the float. Some of the things we need to accomplish are cutting of dried flowers petals, grinding of grains, crushing of dried coconut flakes and preparation of the tens of thousands of water tubes we use for the individual garden flowers.

This is a more relaxed atmosphere and a great opportunity to volunteer on the City of Riverside float.

This is a great opportunity for both individuals and larger organized groups to volunteer. Community Service hours are available for students.

How Do I Get the Pass?

We accept a limited number of volunteer decorators during Fresh Decoration. Jobs are assigned with many things in consideration: Years of experience, ability to follow directions, ability to tolerate heights and most of all – patience! Jobs are assigned as needed and many jobs do not involve direct application of flowers to the float. Jobs include (but are not limited to) sweeping and cleaning, cutting and sorting, preparing materials (combing palm bark, ironing corn husks, crushing coconut, gluing the back sides of leaves and flowers) and applying floral materials onto the float.

Remember there WILL be “waiting around time”, particularly at the beginning of a shift, and this is where your patience is greatly needed and appreciated. The earlier in the week you volunteer, the more there will be to do, and the more experienced you will be for later on in the week which better guarantees that the December 30 shift may be opened to you.

Before arriving, the City of Riverside will confirm your date and shift time. Once you arrive at Fiesta Floats, you will need to check in to receive your pass. You must be confirmed to have a pass, and you must have a pass in order to enter the decorating facility.

Thank you for volunteering during this magical time for Riverside! We appreciate your feedback and would love for you to share your experience on social media. Please use #ILoveRiverside and #RoseParade so others can share in your joy

Terms of Volunteering

By volunteering to work on the Riverside Rose Parade Float, you agree to the following:

  • Passes are required to enter the facility and will be available when you check-in with a City of Riverside volunteer at the main gate. Please return your pass at the end of your shift.
  • Never run, bounce or jump while on scaffolding. You could be putting your life, and others, in danger.
  • Never move scaffolding. Your float supervisor will request the Fiesta Scaffold Crew be called.
  • Glue and decoration materials should never be left unattended on the float or on scaffolding.
  • No eating or drinking on or around the float or inside of the building. Spills can destroy hours of hard work.
  • Radios, iPods, ear-buds and cell phone usage are not allowed while working on or around the floats for safety purposes.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not invited to participate from December 26 to 31.
  • If glue spills occur please immediately wipe up & cover with sawdust. Never cover with plastic or paper.

All Shifts Are Full

Thank you to all of those that volunteered. We are sorry to announce that there are no more spaces available.